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our childhood

The memories of childhood have their own significance in one's life.It is the best period of a man's life. As one grows up, one feels more and more attached with his childhood. A child has no worries and no anxieties.He is free from the dirty and filthy noise of worldly tensions. His motto of life remains "eat, drink and be merry." The charm of childhood cannot be forgotten. These memories leave an everlasting impression on one's life.
The memory of the days spent during ur childhood is still haunting ur mind. Although u do wish that those days, full of pleasure, may come back, yet u know that it is a thing of the past. Time always flies on its wings. u cannot enjoy those days again.
It is this period that has often been praised by poets and writers. Recollecting past is to plunge ourselves in a state of melancholy. Wordsworth, the immortal poet of England and a great worshipper of Nature, describes his childhood period in his poems. Childhood, according to him, was full of pleasures, thrill and entertainment.
The child is the father of man. Childhood is the foundation of manhood. These are very important years. The impression and experiences of childhood are for ever. They mould and shape our life. It is the golden period of life. It is the best period without cares and worries. Then there are no distinctions of the rich and the poor, high and low castes. It is a kingdom full of fun, frolic, equality and innocence. Really we are close to God in our childhood.
As u are growing in age, u feel greater attachment and attraction for those days that u had spent during ur childhood. u know that ur desire of enjoying childhood again can never be fulfilled because gone are the good old days when u was a child.